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GYROXE DON300 is the most popular cutter available. It has a 3.15" (80mm) diameter blade with alloy casing.

Input 100-240v.
24Vdc Motor.
Easy to clean.
Easy to use.
Auto overload breaker.
Thickness adjustable.
Splash guard.
Blade opening key.
Safety blade fastener.
2lbs weight.
Detachable head for washing.
Stainless Steel Blade.
Energy efficient power supply.
4800 Rpm.
  Gyroxe is today one of USA’s leading gyros slicer manufacturers. Gyroxe uses all quality products and is well known worldwide.

Safety blade fastener - The blade screw does not unfasten when rotating.

The Wiper is only available our products. This feature stops the meat going under the blade to avoid jamming action.

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